I-9 and E-verify solutions


Our SmartHire I-9 and E-verify offering smartly satisfies the various U.S. Citizenship and Immigrant Services (USCIS) requirements in relation to creating, signing, collecting and retaining Form I-9 electronically. Our workflow offers tools to help reduce errors and promote compliance. Our system greatly improves the accuracy of Form I-9 completion. Additionally, it comes with a full audit trail and has an annotation when a form is modified or updated.

Most importantly, it promotes compliance as legislation changes are made. Our tool has a range of additional features as well including on demand management reporting, single or multiple Form I-9 uploads, instant E-verify check with late submission status comments and electronic signatures. Lastly, our solution is much smarter and greener than ever before. Employers are able to complete their entire screening workflow with zero paper consumption while taking advantage of SmartHire’s detailed tracking capability and web-based solutions.