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         SmartPak™ - Background Screening

How is Background Screening different with SmartPak™?
USAFact's SmartPak™ offerings are a better way to do a candidate background screening. Simply start your background check with what you know about your candidate and search under one of our primary background screening criteria - National Criminal Database, Statewide Criminal, or County Source Level Criminal Search. Then USAFact bundles that 'first look' with our blend of expert, nation-wide research tools to uncover candidate-specific results, giving you the most accurate background screening, every time.

How Can Background Screening with a SmartPak™ Help Your Business?
Consider the following scenario - You’ve just extended a conditional offer of employment to a desirable candidate in Atlanta, Georgia. On his application, your pending new-hire listed that he’s lived in FL for the past 2 years, worked in CA and TX for 3 years prior to that, and attended college in UT for the 4 preceding years. He failed to note that he travels to CO every winter and MN every summer, not to mention that he’s trying to forget about what happened at Spring Break 6 years ago.    An example of this candidate's last 7 years provided below.

National Background Screening Map

Do you opt for an inexpensive, stand-alone, and incomplete National Database Search for you background screening? Do you search county by county? Or do you completely roll the dice and only look where he has listed in his resume, or just in your company’s State of Residence?

Background Screening with SmartPak™ is the Smarter Way to Search
A SmartPak™ Background Screening Package combines your preferred 'first look' along with a thorough search of nationwide sources and address history records. Start with what you know, and then USAFact will do all the complicated search work to confirm for you if there is more you need to know about your candidate. SmartPak™ will answer your questions about a candidate's integrity and ensure you get the quality employees your business needs.

State Standard Comprehensive
With many States, USAFact can offer a robust State search. A State background screening package pre-bundles together a National Address Locator, a National Criminal Database, a State criminal background check, and a Tax Credit Survey. The Standard package offers you source-level consistency through a bundled background screening package that is anchored on a National Address Locator, a National Criminal Database, in-depth county-level criminal searches, and a Tax Credit Survey. The Comprehensive package offers you the simplicity of a SmartPak™ one-stop approach, delivered at a great flat-rate. For the company needing unlimited searches, this can be the most economical approach.

Want to Learn More?
Background screening with our SmartPak™ search is our industry-shaping way to deliver complete results and do it at the most reduced rates available. In addition, you can couple any USAFact SmartPak™ with educational and employment resume verification services to ensure you truly receive a complete picture of every candidate's background. Simply put - We find what you need to know. To find out more about USAfact's SmartPak™ solutions and how they can ensure your business is selecting the most qualified candidates, please contact a USAFact representative at 1(800) 547-0263 or email us at

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