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The faster and easier the background check process is for the applicant, the faster you get candidates hired.

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  • It’s Mobile!
  • Faster Speed to Hire
  • Better Candidate Experience
  • Improved Completion Rates
  • Steller Compliance
  • Transparency for the Applicant

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SmartHire, your mobile screening solution

SmartHire Mobile puts control of the background check forms in your applicant’s hands, it reduces errors, and frankly, the dread of the background check process itself.

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Applicant Portal

SmartHire Mobile is Good for the Applicant. The background check process has never been the highlight of anyone’s job hunting experience. SmartHire Mobile demystifies the whole process for the applicant, and gives them transparency and visibility to reports and authorizations, the ability to upload documents and enter necessary and pertinent information, as well as understand all of the legal aspects of their background check.


Keeping the candidate informed throughout the process is key to candidate satisfaction. If they know who’s doing the background check and get updates on the process, they’ll experience transparency and feel an overall sense of connection to the company. It’s the first steps for establishing trust between your company and the candidate. Your new platform will let them know it’s you doing the background check, keep the candidate updated with the status, and let them log in to view and share results.


Creating compelling, easy to use design and process is one of the best ways to engage a candidate. If they receive information to do a background check and the messaging, branding, and process is inviting and simple, studies show they are much more likely to engage and get it done. With SmartHire we’ve made the process appealing and easy by creating custom emails that are more personable along with your client’s branding and simple steps to complete it along with the applicant portal that makes them feel like they want to know more and you have the answers.


The applicant portal’s dispute process is a win-win for the candidate and your company. This is because once the applicant receives the results they have the ability to go through a user friendly, step by step dispute process. It’s a highly proactive approach giving the applicant a sense of control while actually improving communication and streamlining the dispute process for your company by making it electronic and instant.


Above all the applicant portal educates. Applicants today want transparency and the ability to know where their personal information is going and who’s handling it. By placing the the right information at their fingertips, the applicant knows what information is given, who is viewing the information, where it’s going, what the background check is comprised of and the results. This gives the applicant unprecedented look inside the process and makes sure they're educated every step of the way.

With SmartHire You've Got Compliance Covered

You rely on us to make sure you stay compliant. With SmartHire, we’ve improved compliance by creating a new way to serve consent forms based on the location of the applicant. We’ve also automated the pre adverse and adverse action letters and made them electronic so they get to the applicant faster with better tracking.

Auto Geolocation Consents

Customized and streamlined consents and disclosures based on applicant’s residence.

Auto Pre-Adverse / Adverse Letters

Ability to automatically and electronically send important disqualifying communications to applicants to save costs, and ensure timeliness and compliance.

613A Letters

Ability to provide 613A letters to notify applicants electronically and ensure applicant acknowledgment.

Look Different

When everyone these days is looking the same, with SmartHire, you can finally differentiate your brand from the rest of the companies in the market. You’ll have the ability to match your colors, upload your logo and even choose different themes that give a different feel than other companies competing for your candidates. It’s time for you to take control of your brand in the screening process and stand out!

App Mockup

Client Branding

In a world where all all employers look the same, with SmartHire, you’ll stand out with applicants by using your own logo, colors, and general styles. The app is built to incorporate your company’s exact branding. This gives the candidates their first taste of your brand and how well you can connect using technology and great design.

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