Pre-employment Background Checks

Background checks provide various options for employers who want to ensure that their potential employees are a good fit for their companies.

Performing a Pre-employment Background checks

Background checks provide various options for employers who want to ensure that their potential employees are a good fit for their companies. However, as an employer, you might not be sure what is involved in a background check, particularly what you are legally authorized to include when completing a background check.

At USAFact, we make it our business to know all the legal requirements for background checks, even when they differ from one state to another. Here are just a few of the areas we cover and why they are so important.

U.S. National Criminal Database Check

This nationwide database allows our team to search for various offenses, including felonies, misdemeanors, warrants, and imprisonment. During these searches, we make sure to abide by the Clean Slate Laws of your state, giving you the information your business is legally entitled to, thus keeping you in compliance. We also review and verify any information at the source before it is included in your report, thus making sure that you have a complete and accurate report of any criminal activity that can be released to you as the employer.

Address History and AKA Locator

A critical part of any criminal background check is knowing where to look for information. After all, no national database serves as a repository of all criminal information. With address history and AKA locator, we use the candidate’s social security number to determine where the candidate has lived and then localize our search to find information based upon where they lived.

County Criminal Check

With the focus on searching where a candidate has lived, we can localize our searches to both the county and state levels. That means we have the ability to find felonies and misdemeanors at the local level, which might not be found in other national databases. USAFact maintains a nationwide network of vetted and audited court researchers who can manually pull court records and return them to our system using their secure portal. We return all case information as part of the background verification process, including defendant identifiers, case identifiers, charge information, sentencing information, and comments within the case file.

As an employer, you might be looking for specific information regarding your potential employees based upon the job description of the position you are filling. For instance, a delivery company looking for drivers will likely be more concerned about past driving violations, accidents, and any other information about their historical driving record. Our team uses the information gleaned regarding addresses to know where to check for driving history, since everyone has to surrender their driver’s license from one state to get a new license when they move to a new state. All states in the U.S. provide MVR reports, typically within half a day. These reports include license number, driver description, licenses issued, and any violations.

Along with getting their driving history, we can also look for any civil lawsuits at the county level. However, the information can be challenging to track down since lawsuits are often filed where the offense took place and not necessarily in the individual’s county of residence. Our goal is to provide information about the case, including the defendant’s name, jurisdiction, filing dates, comments, and complaint information.

Employers are looking to confirm education and employment history, thus making sure that it matches with the information in their resume and application. We can handle employment verifications for single employers, multiple employers, or even a time span that covers multiple employers. We verify the employer’s name, position information, dates of employment, reasons for leaving, rehire eligibility, and other comments. We also make sure to follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding these employment checks to respect the privacy of your potential employees under the law. If there are gaps in employment history, we make sure to highlight them, so you can discuss with your employees the reasons for the gap.

Our goal at every level is to confirm the critical information provided by your potential employees. That can include military service, references, credit checks, and even verifying their social security number. Our E-Verify provides employment eligibility for newly hired employees by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA). We also verify their history of work-related injuries, including dates of claims, nature of the injuries, and whether the claim was upheld or denied. It should be noted that you need to review this information with your legal counsel before utilizing it.

As an employer, you have multiple concerns when hiring a new employee, such as whether they have the skills necessary to handle their new position successfully. A background gives you the ability to confirm their work history but also to make sure that they are not a threat to your current employees or clients.

Every aspect of our background checks is focused on providing you with the best information possible, allowing you to make the right decisions for your team. Additionally, our background checks verify that the individuals are who they say they are and their eligibility to work in your company.

The goal of our team is to provide a comprehensive background check so we utilize all the tools at our disposal on a local, state, and national level. Additionally, we regularly update our team on the latest changes to laws affecting our work. We can also help you stay abreast of the laws affecting your hiring practices, including drug testing and medical checks.

When it comes to background checks, there are plenty of places to look for information, but you need the right tools to find it and also the framework to ensure you are not violating any legal boundaries. With USAFact, you have access to the tools and experience to ensure that your background checks provide the information you need throughout your hiring and employment process.