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When you invest in hiring, insuring, and training a new hire you don’t want to leave anything to chance. By helping you eliminate high-risk applicants through tailored solutions, USAFact helps you create a safe and productive work environment and a foundation for future success. No matter the industry or function, we have a solution (e.g. food service, healthcare, and transportation … to name a few).

We understand you use employment screening to ensure you get the caliber of people you want. USAFact ensures the process is expedient and hassle free, affordable, and adheres to compliance standards. When using multiple solutions from multiple vendors in your hiring process, a background screening solution from USAFact helps you make the most of those relationships while building a better overall solution. Contact us to learn how.

USAFact Background Screening Information is backed by experienced professionals and an international network of skilled researchers who retrieve and report on public records. Our clients rely on our services as important decision-making tools in creating safe and productive work environments as well as relying on us to help keep them in a defensible position.

For over 38 years, USAFact has been recognized as the hiring solution provider with the most accurate, up to date, and thorough background screens in the industry. RapidFACT™ is USAFact’s trademark divison for leading on line employment screening and drug testing services.

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