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Les Davidson

Chief Executive Officer

Les Davidson, CEO of USAFact, has been working in the background screening industry for over four decades. In fact, when Les first started there was no background screening industry and many of the processes and services in use today are ones that Les helped create. A former police officer, Les started in the industry as a corporate private investigator for some of the most well-known Fortune 500 companies. Les is a gifted speaker and frequently traveled the country speaking on employer/employee relations, employee motivation and success as well as background screening best practices and compliance. Today, Les provides his formidable knowledge and experience of the industry he helped create to ensure USAFact is remains the very best choice in global screening services.

Pam Davidson

Chief Financial Officer

Pam Davidson, CFO of USAFact, began working in the background screening industry during its infancy over 40 years ago. Pam’s entire work history has been in the legal field and background screening industry. She has worked directly with various major corporations in developing and initiating their background screening programs, and was responsible for overseeing the development of, if not the first, one of the very first web based on-line screening services

Cheryl Franklin

Senior Vice President of Business Operations

Cheryl started with USAFact back in 1998, working in a number of different roles throughout her tenure. Cheryl has been an instrumental influence on every aspect of the company’s operations.

Her vast knowledge of the background screening industry, and legal compliance, as well as the various county, federal, and national criminal information networks has made her an invaluable asset to the management team. Cheryl also holds a Director position with the Edgemont Community Service District.

Joel Doherty

Senior Vice President

Joel brings a formidable sales and business skill-set earned from working in Europe, Mexico, Asia, and Africa, as well as most of the states in the US. His sales experience includes sales to Fortune 100 companies worldwide as well as local and regional businesses. As a former business owner, and now as USAFact’s Senior Vice President, Joel’s genuine customer approach has helped fuel USAFact’s record sales growth.

A former corporate jet pilot, Joel brings a decidedly outside-the-box mentality to problem solving and outstanding customer service in our industry.

Marina AshShahid

Senior Director of Service Delivery & Compliance

Marina joined USAFact in 2010 as a Customer Service Representative, moving into the role of Account Manager shortly thereafter. After successfully managing many of the company’s enterprise clients, Marina now serves USAFact as Director of Quality Assurance. She ensures our clients are always provided with the excellent, knowledgeable, professional and dedicated service embedded in USAFact’s reputation.

With over a decade of experience in customer service, and a successful track record in operations, Marina ensures all processes and quality product deliveries are aligned with customer expectations. A graduate of San Diego State University, Marina worked for several prominent Southern California cities prior to working at USAFact.

Elaine Sowa

Director of Accounts Receivable

Elaine joined the USAFact team in 1998. As the Director of Accounts Receivable, Elaine has oversight on all of the company’s customer billing procedures and collections. Over the years, Elaine has used her keen insight to implement a number of new systems and processes, which ensure smooth transactions, reporting, and billing for all of USAFact clients.