Ban on Inquiring About Salary History

  To address gender disparity related to pay, several states and local governments have prohibited employers asking candidate and their employers about their salary history. California Labor Code Section 432.3 prohibits employers from requesting salary history.  Additionally, California employers must … Continued

I-9 and E-verify solutions

  Our SmartHire I-9 and E-verify offering smartly satisfies the various U.S. Citizenship and Immigrant Services (USCIS) requirements in relation to creating, signing, collecting and retaining Form I-9 electronically. Our workflow offers tools to help reduce errors and promote compliance. … Continued

Colorado | Ban The Box

Colorado Ban the Box will go into effect on September 1, 2019 so it’s a good time for Colorado employers to review employment policies and practices to ensure compliance with the new law.  Monitoring compliance with this regulation will be … Continued

Why Background Checks are a Sound Investment

There’s a considerable cost for making a bad hire, and according to the estimates of some studies, on average, bad hires cost approximately $17,000. Therefore, when most businesses conduct background checks, it’s a sound investment. Not only can background checks … Continued

What Should HR Do if a Resume Isn’t Truthful?

When you consult with most recruiters regarding the percentage of resumes crossing their desk with at least one containing untruthful information, you’ll be surprised with the results – unless you’re a recruiter, of course. Because resumes containing exaggerations and lies … Continued

How to Spot Lies in Job Interviews

Employers – have you ever wondered if you’ve hired a job candidate who has lied on their resume? Well, guess what: chances are you have. In HireRight’s latest Employment Screening Benchmark Report, a staggering 85 percent of hiring managers report … Continued

Common Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Hiring decisions that don’t turn out well can have costly implications for an organization, resulting in the loss of time, resources, and revenue. It is important to remember that recruitment is a form of investment in the future of your … Continued

Background Check Myths

Background checks and the laws surrounding them can sometimes be confusing for employers, as federal, state, and local laws may prohibit the use of certain information or require certain processes when using the information. To make sure that you understand fair … Continued

Consent Based Social Security Number Verification

One of the best methods for validating personal identifiers. Consent-based social security number verification (CBSV) is one of the best methods for validating personal identifiers. CBSV is a fee and consent-based validation service that is administered through the Social Security … Continued