10 Tips for Starting an International Business

Starting a business is hard, but starting an international business involves a lot more research regarding the policies of the other country. So here are a few things to keep in mind as you continue researching where and how to … Continued

Background Checks

Speeding Tickets and Background Checks

When people experience a car accident, there are a number of concerns that immediately cross their minds; first and foremost is their own health and wellbeing, and anyone else involved in the accident.  After checking for any injuries and that … Continued

Have You Tried This in Your Diversity Approach?

  A diverse team is powerful. Integrating unique backgrounds at work paves the road to increased productivity and innovation. Unfortunately, diversity in the workplace is looked at through a narrow lens more often than not. Though incorporating different race and … Continued

Can SmartHire integrate with my ATS?

Can SmartHire integrate with my ATS? Yes! USAFact has the ability to integrate with any ATS. It’s a common misconception that you need to leave behind your trusted background screening company to use a new ATS. The reality is, ATS’s … Continued