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What can employers ask in background checks?

Employee background checks are becoming increasingly common, and they are among the most robust tools employers have for vetting potential job candidates in an increasingly geographically disparate workplace. However, these background checks often make employers and employees nervous. Employees may … Continued

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What is Authorization to Run a Criminal Background Check?

Background checks are used for many different reasons. For example, employers and landlords often use criminal background checks to keep their environments safe for other employees and tenants. And while running a background check on someone is becoming more common, … Continued

background checks

Best Way to Vet Employees That Work From Home

Many organizations shifted to an operational model that enabled remote working solutions throughout the pandemic. And the shift has proven to be permanent for many of these organizations since they recognize that employee productivity doesn’t generally suffer. In addition, the … Continued

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How to Legally Apply Continuous Arrest Monitoring

While most employers understand the value of criminal background checks for job applicants, the recent changes to many workforces have demonstrated that these screenings may be insufficient. There is quite a bit more unsupervised freedom with many employees now working … Continued

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Rules When Running Criminal Background Checks

The use of employee criminal background checks is becoming more common across many companies in the United States. These background checks can tell the employer tons of important information, some of which may be required in certain industries. For instance, … Continued

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What if a Potential Hire Disputes an Item on a Background Check

Employers conduct background checks for many different reasons. Criminal background checks can flag past offenses that may be relevant for the position you are currently filling. Employment verification checks can ensure that the individual possesses the skills, education, experience, and … Continued

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Data to Collect During an Employment Verification

The job application process can be difficult for both employers and potential employees, especially when facing unique challenges and changes to the normal operating procedures. Applicants are seeking new skill sets and focusing on past experiences to highlight current competencies … Continued