Hiring During a Talent Shortage

4 Tips for Hiring During a Talent Shortage

In an economy that’s experiencing record-low unemployment rates, it’s no secret that finding the perfect candidate for the job can be a feat for modern hiring managers. The dreaded “talent shortage” is impacting companies across the nation, and many believe … Continued

Ban on Inquiring About Salary History

  To address gender disparity related to pay, several states and local governments have prohibited employers asking candidate and their employers about their salary history. California Labor Code Section 432.3 prohibits employers from requesting salary history.  Additionally, California employers must … Continued

What Do Millennials Want in a Job?

What Do Millennials Want in a Job?

In today’s economy, one crucial question has caused businesses around the country to completely restructure their work environments and develop all-new hiring strategies—what do millennials want in a job? Unemployment in the US is at just 3.7 percent, up only … Continued

Have You Tried This in Your Diversity Approach?

  A diverse team is powerful. Integrating unique backgrounds at work paves the road to increased productivity and innovation. Unfortunately, diversity in the workplace is looked at through a narrow lens more often than not. Though incorporating different race and … Continued

I-9 and E-verify solutions

  Our SmartHire I-9 and E-verify offering smartly satisfies the various U.S. Citizenship and Immigrant Services (USCIS) requirements in relation to creating, signing, collecting and retaining Form I-9 electronically. Our workflow offers tools to help reduce errors and promote compliance. … Continued