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Data to Collect During an Employment Verification

The job application process can be difficult for both employers and potential employees, especially when facing unique challenges and changes to the normal operating procedures. Applicants are seeking new skill sets and focusing on past experiences to highlight current competencies … Continued

Criminal Background Check

How Far Back do Criminal Background Checks Go

Criminal background checks are a standard part of employment screening. However, the process for conducting these checks is far from uniform. It can depend upon a variety of factors, such as the type of background check you require, the location … Continued

Criminal background check

Five 2021 Updates that Impact Background Checks

The year 2020 was marked by tremendous changes in organizational structure and operational processes. It should be no surprise then that several legislative changes have impacted criminal background checks on potential employees. While many of the changes occur on a … Continued

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Adequate Applicant Consent to Run a Criminal Background Check?

Background checks are becoming increasingly common for many applications. Creditors, landlords, and employers frequently use this tool to verify the information and ensure that they select top applicants. Background checks can include a lot of information related to: Verifying identity … Continued

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What Role Does the EEOC Play in Criminal Background Checks?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was created as a part of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This agency enforces laws that protect employees from discrimination. Many employers use criminal background checks and employment verification processes … Continued

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Is Employee Verification the Key to Reducing the Hiring Cycle?

Business owners and managers face an incredible amount of challenges in running a successful and profitable company today. And in most instances, employee salaries and related payroll expenses represent the single most significant expense every month. The average company spends between … Continued

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Background Checks for New Hires

Any business owner or HR manager knows that hiring staff is part of the job – but hiring great employees often results in far more business benefits than those that perform below expectations. Great employees can boost productivity, improve workplace … Continued

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Employee Rescreening Annually Could be a Good Idea

Many employers conduct a background check when a conditional offer of employment has been made but then fail to conduct another criminal background check post-employment. Rescreening, or continuous screening, is the process of conducting follow-up checks on the employee’s criminal … Continued