lower cost and time of a background check

How to Lower the Cost and Time of a Background Check

As an employer, it is imperative to perform background checks to ensure that your employees meet the requirements or qualifications you’ve set. Background checks ensure you can properly vet your staff as well as maintain a safe and functional work … Continued

millennial leaders in the workplace

How to Train Millennial Leaders

Modern companies are quickly realizing just how important it is to restructure their workplace to accommodate the needs of Millennials, which is now the largest generation in the global workforce. Some businesses are creating more flexible work options and schedules, … Continued

5 Crucial Hiring Tips for the New Year, hiring manager with hands on desk

5 Crucial Hiring Tips for the New Year

Hiring and firing is something that needs to be done with tact and care. Hiring the wrong person can cause all kinds of serious issues within your company. And, it can be an expensive and lengthy process to do in … Continued

workforce trends 2020

How Workforce Trends Will Change in 2020

The workforce over the last 15 years has changed, and in the previous 3, there has been an explosion of companies providing better ways to work. And it isn’t just about the improved treatment of staff or more money. Workers … Continued