Have You Tried This in Your Diversity Approach?

  A diverse team is powerful. Integrating unique backgrounds at work paves the road to increased productivity and innovation. Unfortunately, diversity in the workplace is looked at through a narrow lens more often than not. Though incorporating different race and … Continued

I-9 and E-verify solutions

  Our SmartHire I-9 and E-verify offering smartly satisfies the various U.S. Citizenship and Immigrant Services (USCIS) requirements in relation to creating, signing, collecting and retaining Form I-9 electronically. Our workflow offers tools to help reduce errors and promote compliance. … Continued

How Leaders Affect the Mental Health of Their People

Mental health is something that is increasingly being discussed in the workplace today, and rightly so. It is an area that we need to give more attention to because workplaces are becoming more and more stressful. It seems that there … Continued

Colorado | Ban The Box

Colorado Ban the Box will go into effect on September 1, 2019 so it’s a good time for Colorado employers to review employment policies and practices to ensure compliance with the new law.  Monitoring compliance with this regulation will be … Continued

Can SmartHire integrate with my ATS?

Can SmartHire integrate with my ATS? Yes! USAFact has the ability to integrate with any ATS. It’s a common misconception that you need to leave behind your trusted background screening company to use a new ATS. The reality is, ATS’s … Continued