Background checks

Background Check Terms You Should Know

Background checks are a standard part of hiring for many companies, and they are increasingly used for housing applications and when purchasing firearms. As these checks become more routine, any person’s odds of going through a background check increase. And … Continued

10 Reasons Why Employers Do Criminal Background Checks

A recent survey found that the vast majority of employers (92%) conduct employment background screening. However, some do not include a criminal background check, and many employers also fail to conduct any follow-up criminal background checks after hiring. If your … Continued

Background checks

What Can a Landlord Look for in a Background Check?

Background checks are becoming more common for many reasons. And while we often hear about background checks being used for employment, rental background checks are also growing in popularity. The reality is that landlords often have difficulty finding reliable tenants … Continued

Background checks

What Can You Obtain from a Personal Background Check?

Background checks are becoming more common. They currently serve as an employer’s primary means to secure information about potential employees from sources other than the applicant themselves. This process also allows the employer to determine whether the applicant may be … Continued