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Excellent customer service and site is very user friendly.

Steve & Shelly J.

2 hours ago
I have worked with their team for going on 4+ years now and I can say they’re great and profession…

Jeremy R.

2 hours ago
Very professional and responsive staff. Two thumps up!!

Luis O.

3 weeks ago
As a public library it is our duty to ensure all staff members who have contact with children, teens…

Lewes Public Library

3 weeks ago
Christina K, and her team at USAFact are great. We use them frequently for our background checks for…

Daquari D.

4 weeks ago
Customer service is awesome!

Vize_ Ch

4 weeks ago
Have used USAFact for years for our background checks. Very professional and responsive.

Deanna Z.

5 weeks ago
100% Reliable, excellent Customer Support.

శ్రీధర్ పువ్వాడ

7 weeks ago
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Background Checks

Background checks are becoming more common in our digitized economy. Everything from employment to housing applications can use this method to verify someone’s identity, employment history… Learn More  

Drug & Health Screening

With connections to thousands of nationwide drug screening locations, you have access to an extensive collection network that offers flexible hours of operation and accurate, cost-effective options. Learn More  

Identity Checks

They may use a false name, date of birth, address, or social security number. This is why you may want to have each candidate’s identity verified before you continue with the interview process… Learn More  

Criminal Background Checks

By viewing someone’s criminal record, you can determine if they are honest, reliable, and trustworthy. Those who have a record you find disagreeable can be removed from consideration, protecting… Learn More  

Credit Card & History Checks

Seeing their credit report and viewing their credit history is an indication of how responsible the candidate is. Those who have late payments or who are in default may not be someone you… Learn More  

Employment History

With fierce competition for every open job, some believe the only way to get ahead of the competition is to lie about their qualifications. Without verifying a candidate’s employment history… Learn More  

Citizen & Legal Work Status

Doing a detailed screening of all potential candidates will help you determine if the person you’re considering hiring is a U.S. citizen or has the appropriate documentation in order to… Learn More  

Mortgage/Loan Background Screenings

The LendFact™ screening platform harnesses 37 years of USAFact’s proven pre-employment background screening and verification service experience and expands our reach for the specific… Learn More  

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